How We Help The Community

As a firefighter, I recognize the importance of community, which is why it's one of our core values here at Ondori Hydration. 

That's why we made it our goal to donate a portion of our total revenue to a charity that we believe in. It's hard as a smaller and growing company to make this endeavor and promise, but like our other core value, Accountability, we wanted you to know how much we value our community that we get to serve and make a difference in. 

Our current quarter's charity is the American Red Cross. They're a charity that responds to the community's needs in times of disaster like home displacement after a fire, storm or earthquake. I myself have seen them in action and can vouch that they're a worthy organization to help. 

If you have any suggestions for organizations for our upcoming donation quarters, please leave us a message!

Our Vision

To increase understanding by bridging cultural gaps in different communities