Electrolytes with Real Fruit & Immunity Boost

  • More Electrolytes = More Hydration

    Studies show that up to 75% of people are dehydrated.

    Ondori has 650 mg of Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium to keep you hydrated.

  • Water Doesn't Replace Sweat

    When you sweat, you don't just lose water. You also lose electrolytes.

    Studies show that Athletes can lose up to 7 grams of electrolytes while working out.

    Enjoy Real Fruit while you hydrate.

Our Story

As a firefighter/paramedic, I care about what I put into my body. I wanted a better way to stay hydrated without all the sugar and artificial ingredients, which is why I created Ondori.

We have 650 mg of electrolytes including Sodium, Potassium & Magnesium to keep you hydrated. Ondori is low calorie and made with real fruit to give you the best way to stay hydrated while still being healthy.

Inspired by the rise of love for the Asian community, I created Ondori with our electrolyte drink mix to have real authentic Asian flavors. Our mission is to help bridge cultural gaps in different communities, so i'm so happy to share these flavors with all of you.

Stay hydrated!


Hydrate with Flavor

Don't settle for the other sugary drinks.

Low Calorie

Real Fruit

Authentic Asian Flavors

  • Dairy Free

  • Real Fruit

  • Rapid Hydration

  • Immune Support


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